Translator required…

Need a new Japanese translator to work on Sekirei.
Would really like to finish this series off.

Contact me through the usual channels 😛


Zombie mode ON.
Here’s a release thats been on my hard drive for months now, just never got around to releasing it.

Been busy setting everything up this week, hopefully I’ve got it all.
Xdcc bots are back.
DDL is back.
Forums are back. (I hope!)

Any problems, do let me know.

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Not Dead…

Yeah, not dead yet!

Sorry for the log delay with everything, July was a hell of a month.

1st off, busy changing jobs. Finished my career where I had been working for the last 18 years. And decided to kick back for a few weeks.
Managed 2 days before going stir crazy and starting a temp job, which left me on the road all day.
Moving into another more permanent job starting this week, so should hopefully have some free time again soon.

as for why people thought we were dead.
The server lease was up, I had enough donations to get me through July, but decided to drop it in August.
Found a cheaper host for the xdcc, downloads, website & forums.
Tried activating a temp site on the wordpress servers, but it wouldn’t direct the url to my blog.
Slowly setting it all back to normal.

One reason I moved, was because the old server was continuously giving me hdd errors, and I was worried that it was on its way out.
Another, was that at somepoint in the last year, the server was hacked.
Unknown to me, it had php malware injected into the site and forums, causing to spam email allover the place, and post some weird crap too.

So hopefully I’ve cleaned all that out before moving it over.

I’ll activate the user registration again soon, and the donate plugins.

As for the Projects, I’m going to get in touch with the translators, and see if there’s any scripts ready for me.

Til next time!


Sorry for the delay with any chapter.
Since Breaker finished, I’ve been swamped with non-stop work for the last 6 weeks, and haven’t had the time or motivation to do anything.

This chapter had a Shitton of text in it, and it took the translator a week or 2 to work through it.
Had to keep coming back to it every few days after rage quitting on it 😛

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If you’d be kind to through a few donations this way to pay for the server again, renewal is at the end of the month.



And that’s The Breaker New Waves finished.
Hope you enjoyed reading this, personally I found it dragged on for far too long.
I’m guessing part 3 will be another 200 chapter, tournament style arc (Kumite! Kumite!)

A few people have asked what we’ll be doing next. No plans yet.
I’m thinking of finishing Beast 9 next, only a few chapters left.
For those asking after Sekirei, I can’t do anything until I get scripts for it. So be patient.
There is a series I might pick up, it’s been on my to do list for the last 3 years, and I might finally start it.

For those wondering about The Breaker NW volume releases. It’s a very slim chance that’ll we’ll do them.
Dokko was the one who would order them and ship them to me, since he’s quit, I don’t have anyone to send me them.
Also he would go over all his translations from the webraws, and revise them against the volumes. Fixing his mistakes and improving the translations.
Since he’s not around to do that either, I would probably end up using the uncorrected scripts from the single chapters.

Mega || Zippy || MF


Damn man, 200 chapters!
Feels like yesterday when New Waves started.
My fault it got delayed so much. Didn’t notice the script was done on Friday, started yesterday and was only a page away from completion when I got busy with something else. But here it is… eventually.
I bet we can guess what part 3 will be now.

Zippy || Mega || MF

Finally updated the Donations required.
Because of the long period of no releases, I didn’t bother updating the request page.
What donations we did receive regardless, helped me out when I covered the rest out my own pocket..
Please Donate and help out :)

Also updated the download section, should be upto date now :)


Went to see the new Avengers movie… and it rocked!
As good and possibly better than the 1st one, and there’s not a lot of sequels I would say that about.

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Dear god, nearly 200 chapter of this drivel.
Sorry but apart from the last few chapters, New Waves has been pretty boring compared to part 1.

Zippy || Mega || MF

Part 2…

From the creators of The Breaker’s Naver page.

Title: Breaker chapter 199 cover.


Haha… this is the first post since 2015 began… somehow we’ve just been that busy…

Many of you could already tell, but,…. Breaker 2 is coming to an end.
Breaker part 2 will end with chapter 200. Also, there will be a final epilogue of 1 part.
Just part 1 [of Breaker] took 3 years… and part 2 took 5 years… I feel both relieved and disappointed.

Together with Archlord, we’ve been working non-stop without a break for 10 years.

Then… there are many readers who are wondering when Breaker, part 3, will enter serialization, but… we are expecting to not begin serialization for a little while. We will rest for a couple of months and then expect to start on a new work together with serializations that have piled up. The plan is to produce a work that, perhaps, forgoes the traditional page-view style and introduces the webtoon style with colour.
Our apologies to those waiting for part 3, but… 8 years… was quite a long time… we really want to produce something new and maybe we’ll produce a new novella with the author Jeon Keuk-jin.

Also, after taking care of this week’s chapter 199’s deadline, and depending on the number of pages, we will rest next week for one week and chapter 200 is expected to go up on May 1st.


Yeah I didn’t forget about this, honestly… >_>
And we begin the final volume of Beast 9.

Zippy || Mega || MF


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